The company Arkeobild is a small firm established in 2001 by Franciska Sieurin-Lönnqvist.


This is me, Franciska. I got a Bachelor degree as an archaeologist at Uppsala and Stockholm Universities in 1988. During several years, I worked at the Swedish National Heritage Board as an archaeologist. About 15 years ago I changed direction when I started working as an Illustrator of archeological finds and as a map- and picture editor. At the National Heritage Board I mostly worked with editing maps and begun working with Graphic design, layout and production.


In 2001 I decided to start my own company – Arkeobild. I mostly work with illustrations, maps or reconstructions for archeological books or reports, but also with other publications that are not in the field of archeology. Some of my latest works have nothing do do with archaeology, but are publications for other companies. I also help other graphic designers with the editing of boring charts and tables.


I am a member of the Swedish Art’s Council (Svenska Tecknare) and Illustratörcentrum, which is Sweden’s largest agency for Illustrators and Graphic Designers.

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